Roy Keane On Haaland Was Disgusting – But Did it REALLY ‘End His Career?’

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When it comes to disgusting, malicious football tackles we don’t need to look very much further than Roy Keane on Haaland in the Manchester derby in 2001. It was a clear case of physical assault with intent to harm by a man who would kick his own granny if she looked at him the wrong way. (And hating Manchester United is just so easy to do, we’ve had years of practice).

That is not up for debate. However, what is up for debate is whether Roy Keane’s disgusting assault on the Norwegian (which we mentioned yesterday as it was 14 years to the day) did actually “end the midfielder’s career.” Oh, and if you’ve been living under a rock, here is the actual incident:

Roy Keane on Haaland…

It’s pretty much an accepted fact that Keane’s cowardly studs-up challenge was what brought the end of the football career of Haaland and even Alf agrees on this. However the facts show that the Roy Keane on Haaland attack was maybe not, as is always brought up, the reason for him “never playing again.”

What fans fail to mention is that just four days after he suffered a supposed career ending tackle, Haaland started for Norway in a 2-1 victory over Bulgaria. Also, three days after that (so the Premiership weekend following the derby) he started against West Ham. This is shown on the BBC website (check out the lineup).

Furthermore, Haaland himself has admitted that it was an injury to his other knee which caused him to call it a day on his career. Haaland played just a further four games for City in the following season, after the blues had been relegated. Keane’s revenge-laden challenge was on his right knee – and the reason for his retirement was because of his problematic left knee.

Roy Keane on Haaland

Conclusion for Roy Keane’s challenge on Haaland – NOT a career ender

Roy Keane is an utter bastard, yes. An undoubted mentally hinged man who was a fantastic footballer and born winner. Do the latter superlatives supersede the fact that his challenge on Haaland was nothing short of horrendous? Of course not. If that happened in a nightclub he could have done a stint behind bars. It was clearly a revenge tackle with intent to harm after Haaland screamed at an injured Keane on the deck at Elland Road years before (he even admitted that himself).

But did his infamous challenge made by Roy Keane on Haaland end the Norwegian’s career? The facts would make us inclined to say no.

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