Roy Keane Cleared Of Road Rage, Judge Thought Prosecutor Was a Drama Queen

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Roy Keane is officially free to continue terrorising journalists and to write scathing attacks on pretty much everyone he ever played against during his time as a sadistic (and pretty good to be fair) footballer. Keane was up in court for charges of road rage and abuse against a taxi driver earlier on, but when the judge is clearly pissed off enough to say; ‘I think it’s a case the Crown wishes they hadn’t bothered with, you know that this was all just a storm in a teacup.

And when you hear the ‘victim’s’ account you will completely understand why the powers that be thought this was a waste of time.

. Keane, 43, was said to have reduced Fateh Kerar, 44, to a “shaking, quivering wreck” by glaring at him and later swearing.

. Under cross-examination by Keane’s solicitor, the taxi driver insisted that Keane had been “staring aggressively for 10 to 15 seconds.”

. Kerar nodded at Keane and received a nod back. But Keane didn’t smile (when the f**k does Roy Keane ever smile anyway?!) and so he got upset so he stuck his two fingers up at Keane, who got out of his car to ask; “What’s your problem?”

. Kerar had responded with: “You need to cheer up.” Keane acknowledged that as he got back into his car he said “Oh fuck off.”

. Football fan Mr Kerar, told the court “I love Roy Keane”, but claimed the Old Trafford legend, now the assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland, gave him “bad looks”.

Then his mate and eyewitness dropped the race card to make things even more flaky and weird:

Isman recalled Kerar “physically shaking and upset” as a result of Keane’s behaviour. “We were both quite shocked and surprised by the situation. He wondered whether Mr Keane was being racist towards him, but I said ‘No, I don’t think it’s personal, he’s just being arrogant.’


We’re not going to lie. We were looking forward to a full transcript, unmasking the true, ugly, psychopathic colours of the Manchester United legend and for him to get sent down (come on, imagine that book). But in reality it turns out that this was a case of two drama queens likely trying to extort some hard-earned money from the Irishman.

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