Famous Manchester City Supporters – From Oasis To Alan Rickman

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Famous Manchester City supporters in all parts of the celebrity world seem to have suspiciously popped up all over the place ever since a filthy-rich Arab bought the club in 2008. Historically, it was always the red side of Manchester who were usually accused with cries of glory hunting, but the tide seems to be changing now at the formidable Etihad – less Steve Lomas, more Yaya Toure nowadays (who can’t even hack it as a regular under pizza-prohibiting Pep) so we’ve found the legit famous Manchester City supporters out there – those who want the moon to be blue and are proud to admit it…

The Most Famous Manchester City Supporters By A Mile – Noel And Liam Gallagher


There’s no doubt with these lads and where their allegiance has always been. Cut their wrists and they bleed blue, these loveable scumbags have been City boys since The Etihad was Maine Road and back when Shaun Goater was banging them in like nobodies business.

Older brother Noel (who was always the better half with words) proudly affirmed shortly after the takeover; “it’ll be nice to know that every gallon of petrol a Manchester United fan buys is going into our kitty.”

Famous Manchester City Supporter Most Likely To Knock You Out – Ricky Hatton

Lifelong manchester City Supporter Ricky Hatton

If you didn’t know that ‘The Hitman’ was a City fan, please hand in your football fan card in the nearest depot, and give your head a good shake. Hatton is a die-hard Manchester City fan and of course used to walk into the ring to; ‘Blue Moon,’ shortly before beating the living fuck out of people, we picture that’s pretty much how it went down with Joey Barton and Ousmane Dabo back in the day.

Famous Manchester City Supporter Who Had The Last Laugh – Bernard Manning


Manchester-born controversial comedian Bernard Manning was a lifelong Manchester City fan with a deep-rooted hatred for local rivals Man U. Some football fans claim to hate Manchester United to the death, but very few actually take it to their grave.

Manning once claimed his epitaph would read: “I would rather be here than at Old Trafford,” which inspired a few Manchester City fans to do just that! We’re sure he would have a had a right good laugh over the Moyesy/van Gaal era.

Famous Manchester City Supporter Who Is Everyone’s Favourite Die Hard Bastard – Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman Was a Lifelong Manchester City Fan

Recently deceased legendary actor Alan Rickman was a blue until his dying day. He’s been a City boy since Danny Mills was terrorising kids in his reception class and back when Betty from Corrie was half-shaggable! (Fuck you, there was a time).

Honourable Mentions

Lee Dixon (Former Arsenal Defender)

Nigel Bond (snooker Player)

Andrew Flintoff (Cricketer)

Kevin Kennedy (Curly Watts in Corrie. He punched above his weight and smashed Raquel. Good work, son!)

Have we missed anyone out of our list of famous Manchester City supporters?

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