Former Man City Boy Stopped by Burglar to Chat About Football Amid Raid

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Many footballers throughout the years have faced the worrying realisation that they could be, or indeed have been burgled. It is not just exclusive to foreigners playing here either such as in the case of Manchester United flop Angel di Maria, it even happened to beloved scouser Steven Gerrard. It makes sense really, the amount of money that footballers are on means that they live in luxury houses filled with lots of goodies for a would-be robber, add to the mix the fact that we all know who isn’t going to be at home at 3pm on a Saturday and let’s be fair, footballers are good targets.

One-time Manchester City prospect Willo Flood, now at Dundee United – that’s right, his career just got more successful by the minute – has been opening up about a weird burglary that he was involved in at the tender age of 19 whilst playing for the now incredibly rich Manchester City.

Irishman Willo was at home when a robber broke in and wielded a knife in the City player’s face and demanded his television.

“Looking back, it’s quite funny now – but it wasn’t at the time,” he told the BBC . “I was 19, got a new contract and had just bought a house.”

“I was watching telly and the sensor light came on. Two minutes later, the boy walks in with a big knife.

“So he goes, ‘Get that telly off the wall’. I was like, ‘Calm down, calm down’.

Personally, I’d have shat myself at the prospect of a Mancunian with a knife, whipped the tele off double quick and helped the burglar with any other possession that he required. Fortunately for Willo however, things would take a positive turn.

“In the middle of it he goes, ‘Are you Willo Flood?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah yeah’.

“He goes, ‘Don’t take this personally, I’m a big City fan’, and I was like, ‘Cheers’.”

Despite his allegiance to the Citizens, the robber continued in his thieving ways and was later caught and charged by police. Willo might have lost his possessions but at least his balls and limbs stayed in tact as a result of his footballing ability, lucky escape.

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