Vincent Kompany Banged Zabaleta’s Wife & Other Lies On Social Media

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Vincent Kompany affair with Zabaleta's wife

Injured Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany is having an illicit affair with Pablo Zabaleta’s wife – but he’s not content with just that. He’s also smashing James Milner and hanging out the back of Samir Nasri’s woman too! Furthermore, Piers Morgan is not a pompous cunt and Roy Keane has joined The Peace Corps.

Welcome to the latest crazy football rumour mill of social media. A huge Reddit thread which has now been discredited by the forum’s moderators spread like wildfire on Twitter, suggesting that the big Belgian had been showing off his tackle to member’s of his team’s other halves, in what would have been the biggest high-profile sex scandal since John Terry stuck it in the back of the net of Wayne Bridge’s French floozy.

The gullible Tweeters fell right for it and judged Kompany from their social media soapbox, but instead of talking about that we thought it would be more fun if we just found the fittest photos of the women of the players involved…

James Milner with girlfriend Amy Fletcher

James Milner with girlfriend Amy Fletcher

Pablo Zabaleta with wife Christel Castaño.

Pablo Zabaleta with wife Christel Castaño.

Anara Atanes - wife of Samir Nasri. You'll catch your death love...

Anara Atanes – wife of Samir Nasri. You’ll catch your death love…

Pick that out of your net! As usual Vicent reacted with anger after the allegations…

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