Did Celtic Fans Take Things Too Far Last Saturday?

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We all love a bit of banter, hell, what would football even be without the thrill of winding up your mates or pissing off opposing fans, and we should know, here at LOL towers we love nothing more than cranking up the banter mill and taking the piss out of, well, everyone. There is a line however when it comes to winding up the opposition and Celtic fans may well have crossed it at the weekend.

The Old Firm derby is about more than football, it’s an inter-city derby with religious undertones and as such, the banter can get very close to the nerve which we saw during Saturday’s derby as Celtic absolutely destroyed their rivals 5-1. In the stands during the game, the Celtic fans decided to hang sex dolls, donned with Rangers colours, with nooses tied around their necks. Saturday also happened to be Suicide Prevention day and the prank has disgusted many in the football world including Celtic fans themselves.


The reasons behind the hanging dolls are uncertain, some suggest that it was a vile attack on Kris Boyd after his brother had killed himself the previous week, others suggest in was merely an inference that Rangers were going to get killed on the pitch whilst some thought that it was in relation to Rangers ‘dying’ in 2012 after the club went in to liquidation. Whatever the reasons, many felt it was in bad taste and crossed the line between banter and downright shame.


Celtic fan Francis MacLeod tweeted: “I’m disgusted. Absolutely unacceptable, and not how I want to be represented as a Celtic fan,” sharing the views of many on both sides of GlasgowCeltic have declined to comment on the stunt yet a source close to the club refuted the claims that it had anything to do with Kris Boyd’s brother:

“There’s no way this will have anything to do with Kris’s tragic situation. There were a lot of songs about ‘You’re not Rangers any more’ and stuff like that, and that’s what it will have been about.”

Regardless of their reasoning behind the dolls, this act has certainly created cause for high tensions between the sets of rival fans, as if they needed any more fuel adding to the fire.

What do you think, was this a case of epic banter or did the Bhoys fans take it too far when it comes to winding up the opposition?

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