Famous Celtic Fans – From James Bond To SuBo

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Glasgow Celtic are one of the giants of Scottish and European football and they have a fiercely loyal and competitive fan base around the World who bleed green and white. Fans of the Bhoys are not just whisky drinking, sliced sausage eating maniacs who love nothing more than deein-ower their arch rivals Rangers, although this can be said for quite a percentage of them, fans of the club spread far and wide with a huge Irish following and supporters all over the World. Celtic can also count on some pretty famous fans, some of which regularly turn out at Celtic Park to cheer on the Hoops, curious who they are? Let’s take a look at some celebrity Celts.

Famous Celtic Fan Most Likely to Shag Players’ Wives – Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart Celtic's Biggest Celebrity Fan

Arguably Celtic’s biggest celebrity fan, the ‘If y’a think I’m sexy’ singer can regularly be seen donning the green and white of his beloved Celtic, reports have suggested than he loves the club more than fanny although those reports are unconfirmed. The pint sized pop star’s love for the Hoops has been prevalent throughout his career and he regularly attends home games, some say that gravelly voice of his came from chanting expletives from the stands.

Famous Celtic Fan Most Likely to Offend Opponents – Billy Connelly

Celebrity Celtic Fan Billy Connelly

Despite his no doubt hectic schedule, Big Yin has never forgotten his Glaswegian and more importantly, Celtic roots. The comedian/lunatic can often be seen with Rod Stewart at Celtic home games no doubt keeping the pop star well entertained. The Scottish funny man regularly builds Celtic and religious quips into his set and couldn’t give a shit who gets offended by it.

Famous Celtic Fan Most Likely to Leave You for Dead – Sean Connery

Famous Celtic Fan Gerard Butler

Once upon a time 007 was a huge Celtic fan, a love affair that started when he was a boy, he’d regularly attend games and cheer on his beloved hoops. After becoming pals with Ranger’s chairman David Murray however, Connery turned intae a wee turncoat and instead opted to cheer on the blue side of the city, as you can imagine, much to the disgust of the Celtic fans. Rumour has it that James Bond has never been viewed again by anyone wearing green and white.

Famous Celtic Fan Who Could Take on an Army – Gerard Butler

Famous Celtic Fan Gerard Butler

Butler has supported the club since he was a boy and used to get to plenty of games with his family before he became a fucking monster of the silver screen, now he gets there when he can. In 2011, King of Sparta and Celtic fan Gerard Butler achieved what any Hoops fan has dreamed of, turning out for the Bhoys in a charity match alongside hero Henrik Larsson.  When playing alongside Larsson, the Swede even joked about his envy of the Scotsman’s incredible physique and it’s easy to see why. We’re not sure we’d want to be standing next to this guy in the stands with the lungs that he’s got, Jesus!

Famous Celtic Fan That Sings Like an Angel, Looks Like Yer Nan – Susan Boyle

That’s right, Subo, the woman who became an internet sensation after knocking the socks of Simon Cowell and co at Britain’s Got Talent is indeed a fan of the Hoops. In 2012 the wee auld woman left Celtic Park in utter silence following her unbelievable rendition of ‘You´ll Never Walk Alone’ and when she held the green and white scarf aloft, the place went mental.

Honourable Mentions

Westlife – Except the floppy haired one

Snoop Dogg – Of course

Sean Bean – Stripper

Noel Gallagher – Legend

Any famous Celtic fans that you think we’ve missed out, add them in the comments section below.

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