Miss BumBum Contestant Becomes Fittest Pitch Invader of All Time

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There is no country in the World that does arses quite like the Brazilians, and we’re not talking about Adriano, we can only imagine that there is an extra chromosome in the Brazilian female body that gives them those epic booties, which you could also achieve by visiting cosmetic surgeon Dr Peter Randle. The Brazilians know exactly how hot their arses are and for this reason they host an annual competition called the Miss Bumbum award, essentially a celebration of the best bums in the country.


One contestant for the 2016 competition has sought out a novel way of boosting her chances ahead of this years awards by storming the pitch at the end of last weekend’s game between Gremio and Palmeiras. The drab game finished 0-0 but fans didn’t leave disappointed as Danny Morais stormed the pitch in a bikini top and a pair of shorts that left very little to the imagination.

Somewhat impressively, the big booked, round arsed Brazilian had a tussle with some stewards, who we assume absolutely loved it, before leaping over the advertising boards onto the pitch as the final whistle went. Some lucky players even got a cuddle with the Miss Bumbum wannabe and after her invasion she posted a video on her Instagram to tell the World what she did and why she did it. Quite frankly we couldn’t care why she did it, we just hope that more do the same. Having said that, some of the birds from Sunderland and Liverpool are probably best not trying the same thing. If you want to go for the Miss Bumbum look, search for companies such as Allure Plastic Surgery to find reputable surgeons. Check out the video below to see the possible Miss Bumbum 2016 in action.

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