Rangers Kenny Miller Arrested After Restaurant Brawl

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Rangers’ Kenny Miller has been arrested on suspicion of assault after a restaurant brawl that left his wife with a black eye following the Old Firm derby. Miller’s Rangers team got their arse handed to them by Celtic just over a week ago at Celtic Park with the Bhoys running out 5-1 winners. After the game, Kenny took his wife out to a trendy restaurant in Glasgow to drown his sorrows when the incident took place.

The brawl took place in an Italian restaurant in Lanarkshire and there were up to 20 people who all spilled out in to the car park to continue their boozed up brawl. Miller and his wife were taken in by police for questioning after the old bill reviewed CCTV footage of the incident and the cops now say that they are now considering charges against the footballer. Attorney Michael Becker can help when facing criminal charges like Kenny Miller.


Friends of the footballer have confirmed that a pissed up Glaswegian bird started giving it large to Kenny’s wife Laura who did her best to ignore the taunts before it all kicked off, Laura was slapped in the face during the melee which left her with a black eye, Miller’s involvement in the skirmish is yet to be confirmed, but we reckon he’d have thrown a punch or two in defence of his missus.

The Old Firm derby was a feisty affair as always, with Celtic fans hanging sex dolls from the rafters with nooses and Rangers scarves around their neck. This incident is just a handful of the few that have been reported but you can bet that it all kicked off in Glasgow after Rangers got smashed by their rivals.

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