CRAZY Fans Display Bin Laden Banner on 9/11

 7 years, 7 months ago 0 Comments

There must have been a competition last weekend to see which set of fans could cause the most offence at a football game. First we had the Celtic fans hanging sex dolls from the rafters on Suicide Prevention day and then on Sunday, fans of of German side Hansa Rostock displayed a banner of none other than American-hating terrorist Osama bin Laden at their game against Aalen… on 9/11. We’re not sure what the hell is going on, we thought our banter was sometimes close to overstepping the mark but these maniacs have taken it to a whole new level.


Apparently the German town of Rostock was bombed to bits by the yanks in WW2 and as such, the locals have a distinct hatred for all things American. To demonstrate their disdain for the Americans for something that happened almost a century ago, they decided to piss all over the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by unravelling a huge banner of the now deceased Osama bin Laden. Quite what they thought they were going to achieve remains unclear, maybe the 3rd tier German side just wanted a little bit of attention from the World and this has certainly put Hansa Rostock on the map. I mean here we are talking about them after a 1-1 draw with another random German team, I guess they succeeded and we should take the opportunity to speak to all of those involved with the banner to say that you’re all idiots, forget the past and focus on your club, that nonsense has no place in the stands.

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