Vinnie Jones Quotes: Eleven Of The Very Best

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Vinnie Jones Quotes are unsurprisingly, as outrageous as the man himself. The Football hardman was better off known for his bully-boy tactics on the pitch, outspoken views and the groping of Gazza’s bollocks than any particular kind of footballing talent. He’s somehow forged a career in Hollywood too. Here are of the most entertaining from the former Wimbledon FC lunatic…

Vinnie Jones Quotes

Vinnie Jones grabs Gazza's bollocks.

[/media-credit] The most iconic cock-grab you’ll ever see.

Vinnie On His Legit Welsh Roots

“I always went to Ireland as a child. I remember trips to Dundalk, Wexford, Cork and Dublin. My gran was born in Dublin, and we had a lot of Irish friends, so we’d stay on their farms and go fishing. They were fantastic holidays – being outdoors all day and coming home to a really warm welcome in the evenings.”

Vinnie On Politics 

“I’m a Conservative, but I talk for the ordinary working classes. I get on with the boys at the pub, but I can also mix with Prince Andrew. I understand both levels. The toffs haven’t lived in council estates; they’ve just known big mansions. How can they understand how the postman feels? I would never say no to becoming an MP.”

Vinnie On Americans

Vinnie Jones quotes actually show the less-known softer side of him...honest.

“Americans don’t care what your language is, your race is, whatever. Everyone is there to do their own thing and be successful. I wish people in Britain would be more positive.”

Vinnie On England

“To me, England is past its sell-by date. It’s not the country I grew up in.”

Vinnie On Hollywood Chick Flick Dreams

“I’d like to be the romantic lead one day, but I’ve got to grow my hair first.”

Vinnie On Marking Ruud Gullit

“If all else fails, you could wait for the first corner and tie his dreadlocks to the goalpost.”

Vinnie On Tackling Ruud Gullit

“He squeals more than the fu***ng pigs in my farm!”

Vinnie On Goals

“I’d like to get ten goals this season, but the authorities don’t normally let me play for a whole season.”

Vinnie To a Probably Terrified Kenny Dalglish

‘I’ll tear your f***ing head off and puke in the hole.”

Vinnie On His Predictive Powers 

“I said it all 15 years ago, that diving would creep in, and also that the England team would suffer, because none of these foreign managers would buy English players. It’s all happening, just like I said it would.”

Vinnie On His Love For Musicals (We Shit You Not)

“I bunked off school for eight days in a row to sit and watch Grease over and over.”

Grease?! Awww Vinny – you’re all heart really.

Did we miss out any iconic Vinnie Jones quotes? Do share your greatest Vinnieisms below.

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