Paul Merson Quotes – 11 Of The Funniest, Weirdest Mersonisms

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Paul Merson Quotes funny

Paul Merson has been under the spotlight recently for his cyber-bullying attempts of poor little Andros Townsend. When he’s not upsetting Tottenham fans, he’s usually saying some thing ridiculous, hilarious, nonsensical or all of the above at once. He even goes as far as to make his own words up! His ridiculousness almost makes people forget how good he really was back his playing days. With that being said, we felt it was finally time to add a confusing concoction of Paul Merson Quotes into our catalogue of footballers who say weird things…

1.) Merson On The Past (Kind Of)

“Football’s all about yesterday, it’s all about now”

2.) Merson On The Law Of Averages

“Arsenal are in tough competition for fourth with the likes of Spurs, Everton and Arsenal”

3.) Merson On Long Ball Tactics

“When Everton knock it long, they don’t knock it long.”

4.) Merson On Word Creation

“After Chelsea scored, Bolton epitulated.”

5.) Merson On Job Safety

“There’s only one person gets you sacked and that’s the fans.”

6.) Merson On Proverbs

“You can’t bite your nose off to spite your face.”

7.) Merson On Goals

“Goals dictate how matches go.”

8.) Merson On Opportunity

“Liverpool have just rolled the last bit of dice.”

9.) Merson On Predictions

“I think Southampton will finish above teams that are well below them.”

10.) Merson On Nugent

“David Nugent tore up the Championship but he’s gone to Portsmouth and he’s a fish up a tree”

11.) Merson On Ashby

“Ian Ashby is very underrated and it’s right he gets the accolades he gets”

We’re sure that the football world will be confused by more Paul Merson quotes in the near future. What if he’s an actual genius and we’re the stupid ones? Food for thought…

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