Why Neymar Has The Potential To Be Brazil’s Greatest Ever

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Brazilian striker Neymar turns 23 today and although it may seem ludicrous to mention him in the same sentence as Cristiano Ronaldo; there are some stats to suggest that he has the potential to not only emulate the Portuguese hit-man – but to also become his country’s greatest ever player.

Recently provided statistics from stat giants Opta show that Neymar has scored an incredible double amount of goals than the Real Madrid forward had at the same age.

neymar goal record

One could argue that Neymar was playing in a weaker league back in Santos while Ronaldo was smashing them in for Manchester United in the big, bad English Premier League and that Neymar played a couple more games to grab those goals – but the goals are there and they can’t be ignored.

Neymar also has an impressive 42 goals for his country; Ronaldo had 23 international goals by the time he reached the same age. Some bloke called Pelé leads the pack for Brazil with 77, fat Ronaldo bagged 62, tranny-loving Romário boasts 55 and Zico clocked off with 48.

neymar brazil

Don’t be fooled by that baby face and gentle demeanour. Neymar is nothing but a deadly assassin. Have your say – do you think Neymar has enough in his locker to be the world’s greatest? Or at least the top scorer for Brazil?

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