Paul Merson Could Well Be Back on the Drink With These Views on United

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We’re definitely starting to believe that Paul Merson makes it his weekly aim to piss off as many fans as possible, we all know he has red and white goggles, his Spurs predictions have proven that in recent years but his assessment of players and clubs are more often than not just completely ridiculous. We all want our pundits to see the things that us mere mortals cannot, the technical side of the game, the dressing room experiences that give them the best angle to assess player performances, but not when they are just making it all up from thin air.


Paul Merson had a somewhat troubling career, a decent midfielder yes, a World-beater? Certainly not and his well publicised battle with alcohol and cocaine have left him in a right state. A program such as Above It All rehab programs can help you finally overcome your addiction. Somehow Sky keep him on their show. His recent assessment of the game between Liverpool and Manchester United could indicate that Merse has fallen off the wagon!!

Speaking about this weekend’s fixture, Merson told Sky presenters what he would do if he were in the shoes of Mourinho:

“I would play Rooney in this game, Jesse Lingard has just played two international football matches – that can be very draining. He’s a young lad. If you put Rooney in this game it would take a lot of pressure off Pogba.” 

“If Rooney’s on the bench, then all eyes are on Pogba. For all that money, he hasn’t performed yet. He’s been nowhere near any good. If Manchester United lose, then he’ll come in for some big criticism.”

We disagree a little with this, but that is just our view and no doubt plenty of Man U fans will be in the Merse camp with the idea of playing Wazza, no problems, football is a game of opinions right? Merson however then continued…

“Over the next 10 years, I don’t know – it probably should be Pogba considering how much money they spent. Henderson has been as good as anybody in the Premier League. Credit where credit is due, he’s been outstanding. Pogba has been struggling.”

I’m sorry Merse, are you somehow indicating that Henderson is better than Pogba, after 7 games, I think you need a night or two in the Priory mate. His opinions seem to get more wayward by the day, it was just last week that Merson was urging Southgate to play Ruben Loftus-Cheek in the Malta game ‘to experiment’. The man is out of control, Sky need to sort it out pronto.

What’s your thoughts, is Merse as crazy as we think or does he have a point, tell us the error of our ways.

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