Paul Merson, Early Contender For Knobhead of The Year

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Quite how Paul Merson ever got a job as a pundit is beyond us, the verbally challenged cockney wide boy was a classy midfielder during his playing days for Arsenal and Aston Villa but after hanging the boots up he should’ve just bought a house in the countryside and kept his opinions to himself.

Merse’s list of clangers is pretty long, just recently the pundit suggested that West Ham sell midfielder Dimitri Payet for £30 million and instead buy Anthony Martial for £20 million, considering Man United paid £36 million for the Frenchman, that may pose something of a challenge for Brady and Co. should they take Merse’s sage advice.

Each week the Sky pundit makes his predictions, for gamblers out there you’d do well to use this as a measure for what you absolutely should not back such is the ex-Arsenal man’s accuracy. Last weekend Paul laid out his hot favourites for FA Cup success this year, Everton, Bournemouth and Stoke, definite contenders. Unfortunately for the former alcoholic, all 3 were dumped out of the FA Cup leaving Merse humiliated, again.


This time however he has outdone himself using his powers of geography to once again appear like a bellend in public. The Sky man was talking about Hull City’s recent appointment of Marco Silva following the sacking of Mike ‘more than a’ Phelan, Merse wasn’t happy with the lack of consideration for good, old-fashioned British managers, like… Thierry Henry!

“I’m not having it! You can give me stick on that. There’s enough British managers out there, come on…off the top of my head, why not Thierry Henry? He’s done his badges, he’s a legend in the game, he’s ripped up the Premier League. If he walked into Hull City he’d give them a lift.”

That’s right, France’s 1998 World Cup winning striker Thierry Henry, just below chicken chow mein and the Nissan Micra in the list of great British products.

Have a day off Merse!

Check out some of Merson’s top clangers here.

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