Gazza Picks His England Team and it is so Very Typically Gazza

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Gazza’s not one who likes to stay away from the spotlight and despite his long troubles with booze, he’s always found a way of getting a soundbite or an interview that has brightened up our lives a little. Social media is the perfect fit for someone like Gazza and he’s recently taken to it to give his thoughts on what the current England team should be.

In all honesty, it does appear that he was a little tipsy when writing it, his team selection looks a little strange with Phil Jones at the back and Michael Carrick starting in midfield. Still, each to their own right?


It is the substitute bench that has the typical Gazza handiwork all over it, quite literally as he selects himself to play each role on the bench. Quite why Gazza preferred a bench position other than a place in the starting line-up, only Gazza knows.

Gazza has consistently provided us with awesome stories and training ground pranks throughout his years in the game, we’ll leave you with his reasons for why he joined Spurs over Manchester United all those years ago:

He said: ‘The phone goes, it’s my f***ing sister. She said, “Paul that’s not fair, if she’s having the house and he’s having the car I want a f***ing sunbed.

‘Imagine making that phone call, I’ll definitely sign if my sister can have a sunbed.

‘So I actually signed for Spurs on the sunbed.’

Classic Gazza, quite how Gareth Southgate’s England will line up for this week’s tie with Scotland is unclear, but if anyone knows how to beat the Scots it’s Gazza, rumor has it that Colin Hendry is still looking for that ball.

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