Newcastle Fan “Bummed to Death” By a Zebra?

 9 years, 4 months ago 1 Comment

bummed to death

One of the craziest (and saddest if it’s true) stories has been doing the rounds in the last few hours online, concerning a Newcastle united fan who was allegedly sexually penetrated to death whilst on holiday in Tanzania. It is alleged that John Kearsley (38) was celebrating a decade of marriage to wife Doreen and they decided to go on safari when the incident took place.

Wearing a replica Newcastle United jersey, John is said to have been attacked by a male zebra confusing him for a female zebra after “sexually taunting” the animal after “many, many lagers.” We’ll go on record saying that if this did take place – we feel for the family during this difficult moment – but you can forgive us for being suspicious seeing so the story was published by the fountains of wisdom and truth The Daily Sport

bummed to death zebra

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