Former Wolverhampton Wanderer’s Player Scammed Footballers Out of Millions

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Former Wolverhampton Wanderers midfielder Michael Mcindoe lived a real life ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ playboy lifestyle, whilst persuading other footballers to invest in a Ponzi scheme – juggling around their money to fund a millionaire lifestyle of parties, women and booze and of course, wads of cash.

Jimmy Bullard is said to have lost a whopping £600, 000 in the scheme which saw highflier Mcindoe live it up in mansions in Marbella, throw champagne around all the swankiest London nightclubs, whilst ripping off friends and their friends. ‘boyhood club’ slut Robbie Keane is said to also have fallen victim amongst over a hundred other football stars.

Mcindoe’s life is a far cry from the rock star party boy life he had in 2011. McIndoe, from Edinburgh, was made bankrupt in October last year with debts of £3 million. He told the London bankruptcy court today that he had no income and was living off £13,900 surplus from the sale of his mother’s house, but £6,000 of that had been given to his girlfriend.



Some reports suggested that McIndoe was living in a £2.8m apartment in one of London’s most prestigious addresses, Eaton Square.

Prior to moving into the flat with his model girlfriend, Mr McIndoe, who drove a Bentley, reportedly lived in a five star hotel in London. One thing’s for sure – the party is over now. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that he never scammed Duncan Ferguson.

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