Famous Newcastle United Fans – Beyond Ant & Dec

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Newcastle United fans are amongst some of the most suffering supporters in recent English Premier League football. It seems almost an eternity ago when Philippe Albert chipped a bewildered Peter Schmeichel as the Toon’s all-stars swept Manchester United away with a 5-0 walloping on Tyneside.

Since then the fans have had to endure a relegation to the Championship under a tyrant chairman and every week seems like a media circus. Today we take a look at the most famous Newcastle United fans who are proud to wear black and white. Michael Jackson was a huge fan apparently, his whole life was black and white. (Sorry, not sorry).

Most Surprising of Famous Newcastle United Fans 

Gabby Logan is our shock feature of famous Newcastle United fans

Logan’s Leeds United legend dad, Terry Yorath must have a few things to say about this!

Gabby Logan may have strong roots in Leeds, but she is actually a long-time Newcastle United fan. Although her father Terry played for Leeds United and she did attend the matches – Gabby studied law in neighbouring city Durham and fell for the barcodes during a stint working for Newcastle radio. She also famously refused to call the stadium by any other name than St James’ Park whilst presenting for Sky Sports during the name change to The Sport Direct Arena.

Richest of Famous Newcastle United Fans

Famous Newcastle United fan Sting has enough cash for a few Alan Shearers.

The man to buy out Mike Ashley? 😛

Don’t be fooled by this filthy-rich tantric-sexing, rainforest-saving music legend. Sting may live in the United States, but he was born a Geordie and he’s still a Toon Army cult member. Who can forget the FA Cup final song (except everyone) he wrote for the Magpies back in 1998 “Black and White Army (Bringing The Pride Back Home).” Sadly it didn’t stop Kenny Dalglish’s side losing 2-0 to Arsenal and Wenger’s first FA Cup final with the club.

Honorary mention to Legendary AC/DC wailer Brian Johnson from Gateshead, the Newcastle United celeb supporter was almost persuaded to become a board member during the 1980’s by club hero Jackie Milburn.

Most Controversial of Famous Newcastle United Fans

Famous Newcastle United Fan, Tony Blair takes on Sir Alex Ferguson during the Scotsman's prime.

When the former Prime Minister of the UK isn’t making money from the blood of illegal wars – Mr Blair is shouting for the Toon. Although he massively embarrassed himself claiming to have watched Jackie Milburn play at St James Park in the late 1950s as a young man – Tony was four and living in Australia when Milburn retired.

Not that a politician would tell porky pies so easily!

Other Famous Newcastle United Fans:

Jimmy Nail
Bryan Ferry
Graeme Swann
Robson Green
Jerome flynn
Brian Blessed
Chris Eubank
John Mccririck
Ant and Dec
Cheyrl Tweedy
Mark Knofpler
Steve Harmison
Graeme Onions
Abhisit Vejjajiva (Former Thailand Prime Minister)

Did we miss out any famous Newcastle United fans?

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