Jonas Gutierrez Departs Newcastle With One Last Swipe at Mike Ashley

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Argentinian workhorse Jonas Gutierrez’s story in the last year is the stuff that bouncebackability dreams are made of. Diagnosed with testicular cancer and wheelchair-bound after a bout of chemotherapy in his homeland, humble Jonas returned to Tyneside where he was not wanted by the coaching staff and powers that be, and got his head down in the reserves with the youth of Newcastle United.

Before long, Jonas was back in the first team and his unprecedented work rate helped Newcastle to avoid relegation – topped off with an apt goal from the Argentinian on the last day of the season against West Ham United. He could have just moped in the reserves like a diva and collect his handsome salary every week, but Jonas is the last of a dying breed – a player who truly cares about the club who sing his name.

Toon Army pantomime baddy Mike Ashley finally spoke the other week, promising investment in the club in what some feel is a shot in the dark at gaining some breathing space with the Geordie faithful. He now faces a PR disaster as nice-guy Jonas took to Twitter to give his own character witness on Ashley after being officially released by the club:

jonas Twitter


We wish Jonas the very best in the future and which ever club employs him will have a modern professional with amazing work ethic.

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