New Mourinho Book Reveals Mourinho Just as Violent as the Rest of Us

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Journalist Rob Beasley has released a book written about ‘Special One’ Jose Mourinho which has revealed that the Portuguese manager wanted ‘break Arsene’s face’ after the spat involving Juan Mata as well as revealing that Eva Careniero once had to help the Chelsea manage after he’d collapsed on the floor during a USA tour.

By far the most exciting story in the book is regarding the long running feud between perennial ‘failure’ Arsene Wenger and Mourinho, the feud boiled over after Wenger told Mourinho he was prick, not strictly true, actually was around the selling of Mata to Man United but hey-ho. This was when Mourinho famously called Wenger a ‘specialist in failure,’ but it seems away from the cameras, Mourinho was a bit more ‘working class’ about things and in the book Beasley reveals that Mourinho said:

“I will find him [Wenger] one day outside a football pitch and I will break his face”.

Sadly Mourinho didn’t continue his Liam Neeson style quote or highlight his ‘certain set of skills,’ and even more unfortunately, Wenger’s face remains unbroken.


Also in the book, Beasley chronicles a tale where super fit physio and ‘woman scorned’ Eva Carneiro had to help Mourinho after he’d collapsed on the floor during a pre-season tour in States, rumor has it that Mourinho spoke of ‘groin’ problems but these are unsubstantiated. Beasley opts for the somewhat more boring story that Mourinho  was taking some back pills and he’d had a dizzy spell forcing him to collapse face down on the changing room floor with the good lady doctor tending to him, how she must regret that now after being forced out of Chelsea following ‘that’ Eden Hazard incident and reports that she was fucking one of the players.

The book is being serialized in the Daily Mail and has some other interesting quotes and stories, notably that even though Mourinho wanted to sign Rooney during his Chelsea days, he always referred to him as a ‘fat boy’. Collapsing face down in front of fit woman, calling someone fat, wanting to take someone outside and smash their face in, looks like the Special One is no different tot the rest of us then!

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