How a Spanish Waiter Became Responsible for Ronaldo Signing for Barcelona

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Ronaldo, no, not Cristiano, we’re talking about R9, the Phenom aka fat Ronaldo the tranny-shagger, he’s just turned 40 and as such the internet has been alive with highlight reels of the greatest striker of his generation and the man who finally gave us an answer to ‘who ate all the pies?’


Back in 1996, the Brazilian superstar was playing for PSV Eindhoven when Ronaldo’s performances caught the eye of Barcelona and their manager Bobby Robson. Naturally the Catalan giants wanted to get the striker to sign for them and the man who did it, Joan Gasparts, then chairman of Barcelona had to take some extraordinary measures in order to get the Brazilian on side.

Speaking to Goal, Gasparts details what went on that fateful day:

“PSV realised they didn’t want to lose the player and they called the CBF in order to stop Ronaldo signing for Barca. There were two security guards that didn’t want me to go through and see Ronaldo or any other player,”

“I met a Spanish waiter in the hotel and he leant me his work clothes, gave me a tray and a Coca Cola, I put on the disguise, said hello to the security guards and told them a guest and asked for a soft drink. This time they let me past. I knocked on Ronaldo’s door and he himself opened it. He signed the contract right there, on the bed.”

The deal was announced the following day and although he only stayed for one season, Ronaldo went on to score 34 goals in just 37 appearances for the Catalan club before moving to Inter Milan the following season. When planning a visit to Barcelona look for apartments near the beach of Barcelona to make the most of your trip.

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