Zlatan Lookalike Joins In Old Trafford Celebrations (Photos Included)

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Well it was fun while it lasted, eh? Before the van Gaal and Moyes era, the anti-Manchester United crowd didn’t have too much to shout about and even “The Special One” himself went through a recent sticky patch, with world record signing Paul Pogba’s performances reminiscent of a modern day Carlton Palmer and Rooney’s demise combined with Jose’s recent mental violent breakdowns – many of us were licking our lips as we figured that Pep Guardiola would mercilessly smash the Premiership title without a fight from the neighbours in red.

However, a revival seems to be on the cards today at Old Trafford, as Manchester United swept aside last season’s fairytale champions Leicester City in a 4-1 victory, which saw Pogba himself get on the scoresheet.

Zlatan didn’t manage to grab a goal, but lead the line well and his brother from another mother invaded the pitch for a cheeky man-hug with the Big Swede:


The Man United hitman seemingly wants to stay focused during the distraction, but was seeing smiling before giving the fan the face palm…


The cheeky opportunist didn’t get his hug and was immediately whisked away by security. He may not have gotten his desired embrace and is probably banned from attending games now, but he will eternally get to be ‘that bloke’ in his local pub…when he inevitably goes back to London.


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