Man City’s Expensive Search For Kompany’s Partner

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Finding a new partner can be difficult, many of us know the pain, you meet someone, think that you click, feel like you are striking up a bond and then things just don’t pan out the way they were supposed to. Spare a thought then for poor Vincent Kompany, one of the World’s greatest defenders and all round nice guy who has had to have more ‘it’s not you it’s me’ conversations than any man should ever have.


Manchester City know what an asset they have on their hands and have tried persistently to match Vincent up with someone that deserves him, unfortunately none of the suitors have quite come up to scratch leaving the Belgian alone again and without someone to truly share the joy of a clean sheet with. The total sum of Manchester City’s endeavours to please their club captain has just reached £176.5 million following the signing of John Stones, a man who many hope will finally be the ‘one’ for Kompany, the Belgian seems excited but he’s had his heart broken before and will take a while to trust again, despite his transfer fee. Let’s take a look at the failed marriages that Kompany has had and how much each has cost the club.

Joleon Lescott (First Love, had some beautiful times before Lescott let himself go)

: £22 million

Jerome Boateng ( Too fiery for Vincent, got fitter after he left)

: £11 million

Stefan Savic (Holiday romance, never would have worked)

: £6 million

Matija Nastasic (Always ill, Vincent deserved better)

: £12 million

Martin Demechelis (Vincent trying to solve his daddy issues)

: £3.5 million

Eliquiem Mangala ( Tall, handsome and in shape, lacked the intelligence that Vincent requires)

: £40 million

Nicolas Otamendi (Took Kompany for granted far too often)

: £32 million

John Stones ( Young, energetic, considerate, exciting, wise beyond his years, could this be the one?)

:£50 million

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