Dog Eats Norwich City Fan’s Play-Off Final Tickets Days Before The Fixture

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How could you be angry with that face?

How could you be angry with that face?

It’s a story to test the true love between man and man’s best friend. There’s no doubting that dogs are one of the greatest creations on the planet, but then again so is football. So imagine the anguish, pain, betrayal and anger you would feel if your hound ate the tickets for your play-off final days before you were getting ready for the match of your life! To drown your sorrows you fly to and see some of the attractions there instead.

Well that’s exactly what Matt Grimmer had to go through when his wife hysterically called him at work to break the news. Luckily for Matt, Norwich City were cool about the whole affair and sent a new batch. Matt undoubtedly enjoyed the game as Norwich swept aside Middlesborough 2-0 to make an instant return to the Premiership for the East Anglian club.

In other Norwich dog-related news; international rap sensation Snoop Dogg performed at Radio One’s Big Weekend on Saturday donning none other than a Canaries home jersey. We hear that Delia is in her elementizzle.

snoop norwich

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