Zlatanisms: Twelve of The Greatest Zlatan Ibrahimovic Quotes

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Arrogance can be quite an off-putting characteristic in a person and even more so with a modern day footballer. The game that we love, which is arguably the working-class man’s favourite sport; has been hijacked by money, gangster-wannabes, and ego-driven maniacs who live in their very own warped, untouchable reality.

However, there’s one man who seems to get away with such constant displays of petulance. They call him ‘Zlatan.’ The fact that he has the ability and record to live up to his cocky demeanour more than likely provides him with a bit of breathing space. No matter what the reason is for the seemingly mutual adoration for Zlatan – here are twelve of the best Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes to have come from the lips of the big self-assured Swede…

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Quotes – Zlatanisms

Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes match the man's ability and arrogance.

Zlatan On His Battle With Stpehane Henchoz

“First I went left, he did too. Then I went right, and he did too. Then I went left again, and he went to buy a hot dog.”

Zlatan On Humility

“An injured Zlatan is a pretty serious thing for any team.”

Zlatan On His Facial Scars

Reporter: “You’ve got some scars on your face, Zlatan. What has happened?”

Zlatan: “Well…I don’t know…you’ll have to ask your wife about that”

Zlatan on What He Got His Wife For Her Birthday

“Nothing. She already has Zlatan.”

Zlatan To Teasing Female Reporter, Enquiring About Photo of Him Hugging Pique

“Come over to my house with your sister, baby, and I’ll show you who’s gay!”

Zlatan silencing his critics in France.

Zlatan On Being Misused at Barcelona

“You bought a Ferrari but you drive it like a Fiat”

Zlatan On Versatility

I can play in the 11 positions because a good player can play anywhere on the pitch.”

Zlatan On Who The Best Looking Woman in The World is

“I don’t know, but when I find her I will date her.”

Zlatan on Pep Guardiola

“Guardiola was staring at me and I lost it. I thought ‘there is my enemy, scratching his bald head!’. I yelled to him: ‘You have no balls!’ and probably worse things than that.”

Zlatan on Mourinho

“Mourinho is Guardiola’s opposite. If Mourinho brightens up the room, Guardiola pulls down the curtains and I guessed that Guardiola now tried to measure himself with him.”

Zlatan's Quotes on Pepe go with the intensity of this moment.

Zlatan On John Carew

“What Carew does with a football, I can do with an orange.”

(17 Year Old) Zlatan On the Offer of a Trial at Arsenal by Arsene Wenger 

“No way, Zlatan doesn’t do auditions.”

Still not convinced? Check out this video for some of Zlatan’s greatest goals…

Did we miss out any of your favourite Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes? Share your best Zlatanisms below.

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