A Look Inside Zlatan’s £16,500 per Month Crib

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The one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic has finally landed on English shores to grace the Premier League with his god-like presence and outstanding ability. How Zlatan will fare in the league is yet to be seen but judging from his performances in pre-season friendlies it looks like he’s settling into the Manchester United shirt just fine.

Settling into Manchester looks like it is going well too as the Sun recently revealed pictures of the Swede’s new luxury home that will set him back £16,500 per month, a hefty sum but for Zlats, that’s small change. If you want a taste of the high like try Los Angeles vacation rentals. While you take a look at these pictures of the new Man U striker’s sexy pad you can also look at some LA condos for sale to consider moving into your own luxury home.manchester-united-players-house-14 manchester-united-players-house-1 manchester-united-players-house-13 manchester-united-players-house-2 manchester-united-players-house-10

This looks like an incredible place, big enough for the Swedish hitman and his ego and the perfect place to relax after a full day Zlataning!!!

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