The Greatest 5 Lord Nicklas Bendtner Quotes

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The Danish former Arsenal striker has turned into somewhat of a real life caricature because of his (detached from reality) quotes regarding his ability. Here are five of the best quotes from the delusional lips of ‘Lord’ Nicklas Bendtner

Bendtner On High Ambitions

“I’m going somewhere where I know I can be happy to play. With a team where I can score goals and preferably to win something. I do not want to sit on the bench and staring. I love playing lots of games.”

When asked where, The Lord replied:

“Real Madrid and Barcelona.”

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Bendtner On Goals and Dreams 

“I want to be top scorer in the Premier League, top scorer at the World Cup and, within five years, I want to be among the best strikers in the world. Trust me, it will happen. I look around at other players, I see my own ability and I can’t see anything that tells me it won’t happen, I’m sure people will think ‘What is he talking about?’ But as I have done before, and as I will do again, I will sit at the other end and laugh at those people when it is all done.”


Bendtner On Self-Worth

“If you ask me if I am one of the best strikers in the world, I’d say ‘yes’ because I believe it.”

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Bendtner On The Subs Bench

“I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team.”

bendtner meme

Bendtner On Crashing his Aston Martin 

“My body is my livelihood and I was desperate to find out if I was OK. So I took off all my clothes, even my pants, picked up a wing mirror that had come off the car and checked myself over, front and back. Then I climbed back into the car to find my phone. First I called my dad, to tell him I’d had an accident but that I was OK. Then I rang the club to say I’d be late for training.”

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Are there any Lord Nicklas Bendtner quotes that we foolishly missed out? Do please share!

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