Alan Shearer Trolls Old Boss Ruud Gullit On Twitter

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Alan Shearer was nothing short of a brutish, goal-scoring menace back in his playing days. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who watched him in real-time action that the Geordie Jesus is still the remaining English Premier League Greatest Scorer of all time with a mammoth 360 goals to his name, with the greatest recent threat being Wayne Rooney until he decided to be shit.

It’s completely asinine to question the Match Of The Day pundit’s status as a footballing legend, but at the same time we could all probably universally agree (those without black and white glasses of course) that he’s fu**ing boring too.

Case in point – Shearer as a player, scoring a standard ruthless thunderbastard:

Alan Shearer as a pundit:

I remember buying his autobiography back in the day and I just couldn’t muster the mental strength to finish it – let’s just say it wasn’t exactly sex, drugs and rock n’roll, but nonetheless it’s hard not to appreciate such rare professionalism, in the days of such common bellendry.

That being said, former Toon Army midfield workhorse, Robert Lee frequently referred to Big Al as the club prankster in interviews – but it was always hard to see this as Shearer always looked like your straight-laced uncle who thought that eating a jam-flavoured Wagon Wheel was seen as ‘exotic.’

However, since the former England captain opened up his Twitter account – we’ve seen a cheeky sense of humour in the legendary hitman.

In perfect timing – Dutch legend, Ruud Gullit spoke out about the recent dropping of Wayne Rooney in Manchester United’s 4-1 victory against the champions Leicester City – shortly after, Shearer took to Twitter to remind Gullit that dropping ‘big names’ doesn’t always work out well.

For those of you who didn’t even have pubes when the rest of us were getting semi-erect over a ‘Merlin Shiny’ – the backstory is that Ruud Gullit controversially dropped Alan Shearer when he was the manager of Newcastle United in a crucial 2-1 defeat to bitter local rivals Sunderland, resulting in a terrifying Scotsman called Duncan Ferguson smashing down the Dutchman’s office door the next day demanding answers.

Shearer was (and still is) basically a God on Tyneside back then and the clash of egos between the two brought the inevitable end to Ruud’s supposed “sexy football” at St James’s Park. Picking a fight with a bloke who turned down Manchester United in his prime to join his local club and 52,000 pissed up passionate Geordies every home game – yeah, good luck with that, mate!

Big Al showed his Match Of The Day team member that even though the water may be well and truly under the bridge between the two – a cheeky bit of banter is still fair game, reminding the legendary midfielder who is still the boss back in the Toon with this tongue-in-cheek tweet:

Well played!

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