Daniel Sturridge Makes Bold Statement About His Ability

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It’s that time of year again, when the football season is just around the corner and Liverpool fans are fighting an inevitably losing battle against their pre-season Tourettes, to let us know that this indeed, will be; “our year,” and in perfect sync to a bit of good old Scouse optimism – star striker Daniel Sturridge’s self-belief has gone predictably unapologetically out of control.

Sturridge let out his battle cry in local paper, The Liverpool Echo – claiming he’s finally ready to show us that he’s the best striker in The Premier League!

Getting some silverware is the aim for me this season. That’s what I’d love to do.

We want to be as successful as possible. The main aim is to win trophies with Liverpool. That’s all I’ve wanted to do since I’ve been here. We have been so close to winning the Premier League, so close to winning two finals, but this year is the year when we have to try and win that trophy.

I will let my feet do the talking. You guys have known me a long time and know I believe in myself. God willing it will be that season. For me to play for Liverpool and show my abilities and show my qualities has always been the aim. I will continue to strive to be the best player – to be the best striker in the league and do the best for this club. I will strive to win silverware for this club.

It’s God’s time. You know me, I’m always working, I’m always pushing myself to the limits and I want this to be the season where not just myself, but the team can be successful.

There’s no doubting the lad’s ability, but with an injury record as appalling as his – you’d think that he’d have learned by now just to stay humble, get his head down and as he said, let his feet do the talking – as opposed to his gob.

Do you think a fully fit Daniel Sturridge has what it takes to be considered better than the likes of Zlatan and Aguero?

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