Arsenal Star Happily Paid £40,000 to Strangle Phil Neville

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In the 2003 ‘Battle of Old Trafford’ we saw one of the feistiest matches between Arsenal and Manchester United, a game that had more incidents than John Terry has shagged teammates wives. Who can forget the Arsenal players rounding on Ruud van Nistelrooy after missing a last minute penalty or Patrick Viera getting sent off for to nasty bookable offences. Arsenal and Cameroon star Lauren also got into a skirmish with Phil Neville and was seen to grab the Man United players’ throat. For his part in the altercation, Lauren was subsequently fined £40,000 by the FA.


The ex-Arsenal star, now retired, recently took part in an ‘Evening with Legends’ night where fans had the opportunity to ask the defender questions, naturally one of the audience asked him about the incident with Neville and whether it was worth paying the fine for what he did. Lauren’s answer was short and sweet: “Yes, yes it was.”

We can’t really say that we blame the guy, who wouldn’t want to put their hands around the boring ex-Manchester United and Everton players’ throat, albeit not for £40,000 of our hard earned cash!

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