Brendan Rodgers Re-Signs Nicky Barmby For Liverpool On a Free

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Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has snapped up former Liverpool and England international winger, Nicky Barmby (41) in a sensational free transfer deal. The once over Spurs, Everton and Liverpool trickster is said to be “chuffed as f**k” to return to Anfield on a £90, 000-a-week deal and Brendan Rodgers couldn’t help but beam in delight as he unveiled his new signing in a press conference this morning, yet refused to quash the rumours that Barmby was second-choice to Gary McAllister.

“Look, people are saying that he doesn’t have the legs anymore, but Nicky is British, he absolutely bleeds football, gives 110% and most importantly of all; he shows great character,” Brendan cooed to a bewildered crowd. However, Rodgers was in fighting spirits when asked his opinion on Paul Scholes’ article entitled; ‘I hate you all,’ questioning the signing of Barmby considering he hasn’t played top flight football for over a decade.

Rodgers seethed; “Paul Scholes is Paul Scholes and he’s entitled his own opinion. But I’m a wolf and he is a ginger sheep. And wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of ginger sheep. Tell Paul to come back when he can do even half of the things that Joe Allen can do with a ball.”

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