Classy Lampard Makes Kind Gesture To Grieving Stoke Debutant

 9 years, 4 months ago 5 Comments


Stoke boss Mark Hughes handed a 94th minute debut to young midfielder Oliver Shenton in yesterday’s 4-1 defeat to Manchester City. Shenton, who has been with the academy since the age of seven has had a rough time of late after losing his mother to breast cancer.

The young lad is said to be a big fan of Lamps, and before the game the loveable lankiness that is Peter Crouch is rumoured to have let his mate Lampard know about Shenton’s sad situation, and also his adoration for the New York City kidnapped Englishman.

After the game at The Britannia, Lampard – who lost his own mother in 2008 and once proudly described himself as a ‘Mummy’s Boy,’ went out of his way to swap shirts with the debutant in a touching symbol of empathy. It’s nice to see that not all footballers are complete dicks. Good work, Lamps!

Frank Lampard with mother Pat

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