Spartak Moscow Raised Thousands For 102 Year Old Fan

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Russian football and it’s fans don’t always get the best press and usually any stories coming out of Russian football surround the behaviour of the fans, whether that be violence or racism, but today could not be more different.

Spartak Moscow fan Otto Fisher, 102, had his entire life savings taken from him by a fraudster who posed as a social worker to rob the centenarian blind in a disgusting act of greed. The news of the life-long Spartak fans’ plight eventually filtered through to somebody at the club and they agreed to do all they could to help Otto out.

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They set up a fundraising page for Mr.Fisher and spread the word through various football sites and social media and have so managed to raise almost 500,000 Roubles (around £6,000,) but they didn’t stop there. The charitable club also invited Otto to the ground for the next game and have agreed that a percentage of ticket sales from their upcoming game will also go towards the fund.

Here is the report from RT who covered the wonderful story of Mr.Fisher who at 102 looks as though he could well live on for some time, what an innings!

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