Heartwarming Story Of A Blind Football Supporter and His Loving Father

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Football is a game of opinions and most of us with them are lucky enough to base our assessments of the beautiful game with something that we take for granted every day – our sight. But that certainly doesn’t stop the Heslip family from enjoying their football. Blind from birth Graham Heslip has continued a family tradition, of attending Northern Ireland NIFL Premiership team Crusader’s FC matches his entire life – with his father providing full-match commentary next to him in the stands of the Belfast club.

Graham’s dad Billy goes the extra mile whilst commentating on the games, giving verbal recounts when the ball goes out of play and has become something of a celebrity amongst the supporters of ‘The Hatchetmen.’ The pair would surely put most pundits to shame for entertainment and raw football knowledge – past and present.

The beautiful bond has been made into a warm ten minute documentary by Belfast student, Danny Mills (no, not that one) which truly encapsulates their unique relationship and shows how Billy’s commentating proves that Graham’s knowledge could rival any other football fan. Get the kettle on and check it out below. On another positive note for Billy and Graham; the Crusaders currently sit pretty at the top of the table – six points clear.

crusaders fc

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