Promising Teen Footballer Paralysed – Returns To Own The Club He Played For

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(Picture: Mike Gunn/Studio IV)

(Picture: Mike Gunn/Studio IV)

Up-and-coming teenager George Dowell’s football career was cut short in a tragic car crash accident which left him hospitalised for ten months and paralysed – but that hasn’t stopped him pursuing success in the world of football. George has returned to the club that he played for (Worthing FC) as the majority shareholder and will be hoping that his recent success with the team he set up (Worthing Borough – who recently won the league) will snowball more trophy opportunities for WFC.

Dowell told The Mirror; “I’d been out of football for four years and my mates, since the day of my accident, really, had been saying to set up a club and they’d all come to play for me and they kept to their word.

“It definitely was something I wanted to get involved in. It’s a club I used to play for and football is my passion.

“I wanted to be involved in football, so Ian Hart [No, not that one, he had an ‘e’] our club director and I have worked with the current owners and have got it over the line. Without the co-operation of Mark Stevens and Alan Pook, in terms of the debt and the shares, it wouldn’t have been possible or gone as smoothly as it has.”

Inspirational stuff by George and we wish him well in his future football career. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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