Arsenal Presenter Makes Saucy Pledge if Arsenal Win the League

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Arsenal TV presenter Nicole Holliday has exciting fans everywhere by pledging that if Arsenal win the league that she will present the show in nothing but a Borat mankini. These pledges are becoming common these days and last year we saw one come to fruition, albeit disappointingly, as Gary Lineker was forced to present MOTD in his pants after Leicester did the impossible and won the league. Lineker wore shorter shorts during his playing days than he did on that Match of the Day episode but at least he stripped down to semi-complete his promise.


Nicole Holliday is significantly fitter than Lineker and there is no adaptation of the mankind that could leave her looking anything but sexy as fuck, even Spurs fans may be secretly hoping Arsenal win the league, ok, maybe that is going too far.

The super sexy presenter tweeted her intentions, and we have the evidence right here:

Arsene Wenger may be a specialist in failure if you believe what Jose Mourinho says about the Frenchman but if ever the Arsenal boss needed inspiration then it has come now in the form of the hot presenter. One thing is for damn sure, if Arsenal do buck their trend of finishing outside of the top 2 then Arsenal TV subscriptions will go through the roof!

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