Ian Wright Calls Auld Firm Derby Nasty and Unsporting

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Ian Wright has made some explosive claims about the auld firm derby in his new book calling it a nasty and unsporting event filled with religious bigotry. The book has had some quite tasty revelations in it, last week we learn that Wrighty was partial to a spliff or two whilst at Crystal Palace and he almost got pulled up for a drug test after smoking weed when he was a young player.

The former Arsenal striker played 10 times in 1999 for Celtic and in his new book he writes about the old firm derby and the ‘pro-Rangers’ media.  Speaking on the feisty derby, Wright said:

“This wasn’t football, listening to songs being sung from the start to the finish of the game saying ‘**** the Pope and the IRA’, or you’re in your car and people start banging on the roof shouting ‘No retreat! No surrender!’ At first, I didn’t even know what they were talking about.

“There was a vile atmosphere, fuelled by hatred, especially at the Auld Firm derby [sic]. Fans love to talk about it like it’s this unbelievable thing! It’s not an unbelievable thing: it’s a nasty, tense, unsporting environment of super-intense religious bigotry that’s nothing to do with sport.”

Clearly it wasn’t one of Wright’s most enjoyable games and he certainly hasn’t held back when speaking about the clash.

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