Arsenal´s New Signing Costs Fan Thousands

 7 years, 8 months ago 0 Comments

We all know Arsenal´s transfer woes, it happens every season, they don´t buy anyone, pick up a random player or two ´for the future,´Wilshere comes back and Wenger says he´s like a new signing and then they splash the cash at the end of the window in a panic. The season however has been a little different, but not much, Wilshere is fit but Arsenal are pushing him out on loan, the big money signings came at the beginning and now at the end of the transfer window in the form of Granit Xhaka and now Lucas Perez and Shodkran Mustafi. The 24 year old centre back Mustafi, has caused one fan to look very stupid and potentially be out of pocket.

We all know what the Arsenal fans are like, getting names on their shirts of players before they´ve signed, and then never end up signing, Mahrez, Benzema etc. Now however, it is the Arsenal pessimists turn to be proven wrong, and the club thoroughly enjoyed pointing it out…

The post was retweeted around 2,000 times leaving the hapless fella with a 40 grand debt if everyone calls in to collect, worth a go guys! And he was not the only Arsenal fan to have his mistake pointed out by the Gunners Twitter page, looks like after all these years the Arsenal fans may have lost hope in their team´s performance in the transfer window, can´t for the life of me understand why that could be.

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