Semi Pro Footballer Sacked For Romp With Fan in Managerial Dugout

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Aptly named ‘Clitheroe FC’ of Lancashire have sacked their promising former striker Jason Hart after he slipped one through the defence of a female fan in the gaffer’s dugout. Jason, also known as ‘Jay’ would have gotten away with it but lads being lads – the act was somehow caught on smartphone video and Jay’s spectacular finish was published online in minutes (cheers mate).

The video has since been taken down but considering the father of two was wearing the Clitheroe (you really couldn’t make it up) tracksuit, the powers that be at the club decided that his dirty tackle was not the correct way to score with management.

Clitheroe chairwoman Anne Barker said the player had “brought the club into disrepute.”

 I can’t have somebody wearing the Clitheroe FC tracksuit bringing us down. It has brought the club into disrepute and it’s not proper for him to scupper our reputation. I expect our players to act professionally.”

It was brought to my attention on Saturday night and dealt with through the management. I did offer to speak to him myself but Simon (Garner, the manager) said he would take care of it.

Hart’s scorned girlfriend had her say too, obviously feeling the pressure of public embarrassment:

“Have a bit of decency for the people it’s affected. Thank god my kids are too young to read.

“It’s disgusting. I bet their families are far from perfect.”

If you every experience a moment of public embarrassment, use a reputation management consultant to help you deal with the fallout.

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