The Wrong Adam Johnson Receives Hate on Twitter

 9 years, 3 months ago 3 Comments

Unless you’ve taking siege under Steve Bruce’s love handles in the last 24 hours, you pretty much 100% know that Sunderland AFC winger Adam Johnson was taking into custody yesterday for alleged sex with a minor. The good old British public, as predictable as a Jose Mourinho pout; jumped straight on the bandwagon declaring a nationwide witch-hunt before the finer details of the allegations unfolded.

But spare a thought for poor old American Adam Johnson of West Tennessee. Imagine you’re just going about your normal daily routine and you open up your Twitter account to update your loved ones on the sandwich you had for lunch – only to receive thousands of vitriolic messages of hatred, death threats and the most inventive words to accuse you of being a child molester!

American Adam Johnson, seemingly an unassuming family man of God was left with a barrage of insults after updating a quote by one of his favourite pastors:

wrong adam johnson Twitter

wrong adam johnson twitter

wrong adam johnson twitter

wrong adam johnson twitter

wrong adam johnson twitter

wrong adam johnson twitter

American Adam Johnson, whose Twitter bio is “My name is Adam and I’m pretty fresh” freshly reminded the Twittersphere that he’s not that Adam Johnson…

adam johnson


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