Shane Duffy Has Done More Damage To The North Than Thatcher

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It’s not been a great start of the season for Republic of Ireland international Shane Duffy. But after becoming his club, Blackburn Rovers’, leading top scorer, some might say it hasn’t all been bad. Until you realise he’s there thanks to own goals of course.

Just as things look like they can’t get any worse for the 24-year-old defender however, a latest outburst from a fan at the Lancashire-based club has all but left his career in tatters.

Shane Duffy? He’s done more damage to the north than Thatcher” said a 58 year-old fan.

For former Everton player Duffy, who only last week turned down a new deal at Ewood Park, this new comparison to former British prime-minister Margaret Thatcher (no relation to Ben), marks a particularly new brand of viciousness.

Held responsible for a lot of the north-east’s problems over the last decades, including strikes, industrial closures and job losses in the shipyards and steel industry, Duffy, dubbed, rather sarcastically, “The Iron Centreback” by detractors and supporters alike, is swiftly becoming the most-hated player ever in Rovers 141-year history.

He’s absolute scum” mentioned one fan, while “we’ve got champagne on ice, waiting for his death”, said another.

Duffy, in somewhat of a parting shot, has labelled this new wave of overly outspoken fans as “moaning minnies”, urging them to “get back to their sad, miserable and rather impoverished lives” before it’s too late.

Meanwhile he’s set to play again on Saturday.

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