Sergio Ramos Swaps Shirt For a Bit of Fan’s Pork

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Who doesn’t want a shirt from one of their favorite players when they go to see their team, especially if that player plays for Real Madrid and especially if it is from super-cool, slightly mental defender Sergio Ramos.

The problem is though, how do you stand out, how do you make yourself the person that the player wants to give the shirt to? If you, like us, don’t have a set of outstanding tits which you are prepared to flash given a moment’s notice, then you are going to have to get creative.

Money won’t work, footballers have plenty, having a baby in your arm might do the job, borrowing one for these purposes is totally fine by the way, you could even wear something zany and colorful although you may run the risk of the player thinking that you are a bit of a twat.

One Real Madrid fan came up with a risky way of claiming Ramos’s shirt however in Real’s 3-0 win over Real Sociedad on Sunday night and decided to go for the far-from-obvious idea of giving Ramos a bit of pork loin, yup, pre-packed pork loin for the sweaty shirt of a Galactico.

The fan, Sergio Sanchez, had some pretty epic seats pitch side at the Bernabeu and enticed Ramos first using a huge poster with the player’s name on it. Once the game was finished and Ramos began circulating around the poster, Sanchez hit Ramos with an offer he couldn’t refuse, a pack of pork. Ramos seemed pretty excited at the prospect and headed straight over to Sanchez to make the bizarre swap before trotting off gleefully with his pork in his hands.

We’re not quite sure how this might play out in England although we’re pretty sure James Milner would love a Cumberland sausage, the question is who the hell would want his shirt!

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