Zinedine Zidane Family: The Future of Real Madrid?

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The Zinedine Zidane family are clearly planning to take over the world! Allow us to elaborate…

It would be borderline offensive to say that Zizou was a ‘good player’ – The Frenchman was nothing short of world class, the greatest of his generation, he always performed when he the pressure was on and he was undisputedly one of the most gifted footballers the world has ever seen. But you already know that, and if you don’t then get Googling and hand back in your football fan card at the nearest office!

What you may not know however, is that Zizou has four children, all boys, all boys who currently play football for Real Madrid’s various youth teams and much like Papa Zizou, they’re all doing very well and tipped for success.

Enzo, 19

Pressure is on this Zinedine Zidane family member.

Enzo Fernandez is really starting to make a name for himself now and made his debut for Real Madrid Castilla in November and received some fantastic reviews, during the game he showed an uncanny likeness to Zizou in terms of his skill and movement on the ball. Enzo is eligible to play for France, Spain or Algeria at national level and despite playing for Spain’s U-15’s set up he now plays for the French U-19 side.

There is no doubt a little more pressure on Enzo to succeed, not just because he is the oldest but because of the positive steps he has taken thus far, speaking of Enzo in 2008 Zizou said; “Enzo knows perfectly what it means to bear the Zidane last name,” no pressure kid!

Here’s Enzo showing off what his dad has taught him.

Luca, 16

We can't imagine being a keeper in the Zinedine Zidane family household was very fun!

Luca Zidane, blatantly the rebel member of the Zinedine Zidane family, slightly bucked the trend by opting to play as a goalkeeper, although on reflection it makes sense as he was no doubt peppered with shots from an early age from his dad and older brother Enzo, the youngest child at the time would doubtless be put in net.

Despite not following his dad’s path to goalscoring ways, Luca has proved himself as a formidable shot-stopper and has gained plenty of plaudits around Europe for his youth team displays. After Real Madrid U-17’s beat Manchester United U-17’s Luca was hailed by MailOnline journalist David Kent as the star of the show adding; “He pulled off a string of top-drawer saves to keep the English club at bay and he duly scooped man-of-the-match honours.”

Luca was called up to the France U-17 squad yesterday having opted to play for Les Bleus as opposed to Spain, all of Zidane’s children have dual nationality.

Here’s Luca at his best…

Theo, 13

Theo Zidane in Real Madrid's colours.

Theo, like Enzo and his father plays as a midfielder and also plays in the Real Madrid youth set up, he is just teetering on the edge of gaining the hype around his future potential but at the moment he is simply too young to expect anything from just yet.

You may have thought that the Zizou gene would have been pretty diluted by the time it had reached Theo but looking at this goal he scored this week for Los Blancos youth it appears that he also has the magic of the family name.

Elyaz,9 – The baby of the Zinedine Zidane family


At just 9 years old it is, of course, far too early to suggest anything about the playing abilities of Zinedine’s youngest child but judging by the level of progression we have seen from the others, it’s more than possible, in fact almost probable, that Zidane Jnr Jnr Jnr will continue to make his way through the Real Madrid set up.

Can you imagine a Real Madrid team with four Zidane’s in it? A scary prospect but one that will put a huge smile on Zinedine’s face, let’s just hope he didn’t teach them the head-butt.

Here is an early video of Zidane playing football with Enzo, Luca and Theo when they were toddlers, they took no shit even then, unsurprising really, what with Zidane as a father and a Latino for a mother.

This post was written on the Zinedine Zidane family late 2014 – so of course ages will change if you’re reading this in the year 2020 and the Zidanes are destroying the world!

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