Roy Keane’s Motivational Team Talks Revealed

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Danny Higginbotham has revealed in his new book some of Roy Keane’s methods for getting his players ready for the game pre-match, and unsurprisingly it involves a lot of swearing and a lot of insults.

Higginbotham played for Sunderland under Roy Keane in the 2007/8 season, and in the book he reflects on a team talk that Keane gave prior to a match against Aston Villa.

“The scene of one of the most bizarre team talks I’ve ever experienced”

“Listen lads,” he said. “Basically you’re shit. Try and enjoy the game. You’re probably going to get beat. But just enjoy being shit.”

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Powerful stuff from Keano, that should get you ready for battle, Higginbotham continues:

Then he just walked out. Those words have got to be insulting to any professional, no matter who they come from, and I’ll admit it served as the perfect motivation to get out there and prove him wrong. I scored after 10 minutes and we were leading at half-time. We ended up drawing.”

The following day, Keane addressed his players:

You’ve got to give everything. If you carry on like last night, you’ll find yourselves working at f*****g Sainsbury’s this time next year. You’ll be on the dole.

Turning to Danny Higginbotham, Keane went on:

“Danny, all I’m fucking hearing from you when I’m watching that game yesterday is fucking encouragement. That’s all I’m hearing.” I thought, well, that’s not so bad. “I don’t fucking want that. I want you to tell some of them they’re being cunts. Tell them.”

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Roy Keane’s Sunderland were beaten by Bolton 2-0 in the penultimate game of the season but the other results worked in the Mackems favour and thus kept Sunderland in the top flight with a game to spare,  the players, no doubt elated at their safety, were swiftly slapped back to Earth by the relentless Keane.

“You’re the reason I’m driving up and down the fucking country to find another player, you’re not fucking good enough,” he yells at one player. “Your attitude is shit. You’re not good enough,” he bawls at others. “Next week we’ve got our last home game, against Arsenal. You know at the end of the season when you walk around the pitch, thank the fans for their support? I’m ringing Umbro and getting you some hooded jumpers, because you’re a fucking embarrassment, it’s a joke and this is not going to stay this way,”.

It still remains a mystery to us why Keane never succeeded at Sunderland, what with some much passion for the game and the level of enthusiasm and encouragement he brought to the team! What a total nut job.

Higginbotham has played a blinder here, his new book ‘Rise of the Underdog’ which is available now incidentally, was all set to go straight to the bargain bin, until he revealed the ace up his sleeve, the complete insanity of Roy Keane, that should pump the sales up Danny, well played.

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