Pepe Reina Allegedly Chains Himself to Barcelona Stadium Tour Entrance in Suspected ’Come Get Me Plea’

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He’s known in the UK as a fairly safe pair of hands thanks to a 9-year long spell with Liverpool but goalkeeper Pepe Reina has recently put his European Championship winning mitts to a whole new use according to eye-witness accounts.

Handcuffing himself to the railings of the entrance of Barcelona tourist attraction; the Camp Nou Stadium Museum, the Catalan capital’s police force is reported to be working day and night to find a way to free the Madrid-born player.

In what is becoming dubbed by the Spanish press as a “desperate come get me plea”, Reina has refuted any claims that he has acted deliberately in an attempt to coerce the club (at which he first started his career) back into re-employment.

It’s complete utter bullshit”, Reina claims, pointing to a friend’s wild stag night gone awry.

I came to Barcelona on a whim. One moment I was chilling happily with a nice glass of red wine and a slice of Naples finest pizza and a long lost friend called and said I was needed as part of a big send off. The next thing I know? I wake up here with my boots and gloves on, completely ready to go”, claims the former Bayern Munich loanee.

The fact that Reina’s unnamed friend happened to be celebrating his final hours of freedom at the same time as Barcelona’s reported sale of first-team goalkeeper Claudio Bravo  seems mere coincidence at this point in the story.

Reina’s proximity to silverware in the meantime, at least while the wait for industrial welders plays out, may as well be savoured.

That’s if recent reports that Juventus have already illegally bought their 33rd Italian League title are to be believed.

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