Joey Barton’s Loose Tongue Returns

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Joey Barton, never a stranger to controversy or saying what he thinks has been letting speaking recently about his old club, his new club and about Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers and his ‘mid-life crisis’. Speaking to TalkSport Barton fielded a number of questions about his new club Rangers before being asked his opinion on Joe Hart’s situation at Manchester City where it looks as though he is being forced out of the club.


“The club I left and watch now are two totally different organisations. The club I played for wouldn’t have treated a player that had been a servant for as long as Joe has in the manner that it has. I think it is disgusting.”

Barton went on to say:

“I don’t see what he has done wrong to be treated the way he has. His attitude isn’t terrible. I don’t like this. It is common human decency, regardless of how good a coach you are. Why treat him like that?”

Following his criticism of Manchester City and their handling of England’s number one, Barton was asked if he’d ran into Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers yet to which the midfielder replied:

“The places he goes and the places I go probably differ, y’know, with the tan and the teeth and all that, they’re not the kind of establishments I rock up at, I’m not having a mid-life crisis.”

It’s still early days yet Joey, wait until your 45 and start buying up random things and growing your hair long then we’ll see about that mid-life crisis. In all fairness, Brendan Rodgers seems to have been having his mid-life crisis since he was about 32!

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