Nottingham Forest Owner Fines Players £350,000 For Being Crap

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The owner of both Olympiakos and Nottingham Forest has brought the hammer down on his players recently after a series of gash performances.

Olympiakos players have been fined a whopping £350,000 each, and been ordered to go on holiday after chubby owner Evangelos Marinakis got sick of the team’s performances, declaring:

“I and the rest of the fans have tolerated you enough. You will leave today and go on holiday,”

Could sit be that the mighty Olympiakos, winner of the Greek league 44 times, are facing the threat of relegation? Are they falling down the league in an alarming Arsenal-esque fashion? Not exactly…

In fact, the players have fallen foul of the owners lofty expectations for his club, and fined them for being 3 points behind the leaders in third position, and for drawing 1-1 with their rivals Panathinaikos… a fate worse than death surely???

As if the fine and being sent away for a holiday wasn’t enough, the owner also told his players that they won’t be playing for the rest of the season, and instead the younger players who ‘love the club’ will be getting their chance to fuck up in their own right.

This is not the first time that the owner has fined his players, having hit them with a £500,000 each a couple of years ago, after once agin being let down by his squad.

“I’ll tell you something very important and non-negotiable; Olympiakos is the largest Greek club and for each of you it is an honour to play for this team and for this club,”

Marinakis is a man who loves controversy more than Tommy Robinson and in March of this year he was investigated for heroin trafficking, a charge he has not yet been proved guilty for. All of this will come as worrying news to the players of Nottingham Forest, who currently sit 17th in Championship, and who are reported to be ‘shitting bricks’ at the thought of what kind of punishment could be brought down upon them.

All of this comes after a fortnight which Greek football will wish to forget after displaying to the world that they are completely insane. In last month’s incident, PAOK Salonika were banned from the league after their owner came onto the pitch like a US school shooter, wielding a pistol as he looked to express his frustration after his team conceded. Whether or not the gun was for the opposition or to punish his own players remains to be seen.

Greece were once Kings of Europe, now it looks like they have been relegated to Court Jester, absolute state of it!

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