Chairman Giving Away Ex-Premier League Club

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It is a damning indication of just how gash your football club is when the chairman is prepared to give it away for free, just to get the hell out. This is exactly the situation that Sunderland are in right now, the once-Premier League regulars were relegated at the end of last season and to say they have struggled in the Championship would be an understatement. The Mackems are currently sitting at the bottom of the table notching up just 5 wins and 17 losses in 33 games, with little hope of avoiding slipping down through the leagues, like those mismanagement clubs of the past… Leeds, Blackburn, we’re looking at you.

Even O’Shea knows that it won’t be a good year.

This is all a far cry from the Sunderland of the past, back when Kevin Phillips was smashing goals in like each one came with a free threesome and it’s fair to say that the Black Cats more than overstayed their welcome in the Premier League, hanging on year in, year out, jumping from one manager to the next, one crisis to the next. Now it would seem that Chairman Ellis Short has had enough, and would be happy to give the club away, to anyone prepared to pay off the insane debt which the club has managed to rack up, somewhere in the region of £150 – 200 million.

This then, presents and opportunity to us all, to take the club off the hands of Short, tell the creditors that once you’ve paid rent, bills and the kid’s swimming classes,  that you can only afford a quid per month, and then give all of your mates a call and tell them that their playing on Saturday… surely they can’t do any worse than the shower of shit which are currently wearing the crest of the Wearsiders.

If rich men and women have the ability to take a club for greatness to gash, why can’t the rest of us do it? Let’s get Ellis on the blower.

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