Former Arsenal Star Calls Current Arsenal Squad “A Bunch Of Losers”

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It certainly hasn’t been a good season for Arsenal as they have finished outside of their beloved 4th position spot for the first time in 21 years. That means the club will have to fire up Google Maps as they now look forward to playing in such footballing backwaters as Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Things aren’t looking too rosy at The Emirates with the atmosphere at the ground being more toxic than Chernobyl as of late and it could be worse if they go on to lose the F.A. Cup Final against arch rivals Chelsea on Saturday.

So with an air of uncertainty circling the club as no-one knows whether Arsene Wenger is staying or going the last thing they need is a former club legend sticking the boot in and calling the club a bunch of losers.

Emmanuel Petit who was a part of the 1998 double winning side was not mincing his words with the comments he made in the Daily Mirror, the French international who was once in the hit ITV series The Bill (he honestly was check it out on Youtube below) said that the Gunners are in danger of having a “loser” image.

And he’s absolutely right this is a club that is standing still as their title rivals, actually scrap the use of the words title and rivals as they were nowhere near winning the Premier League this season. This is a club that is standing still as other clubs in London pull far ahead.

They may well need to buy half a dozen players in the summer but they are going to have to make do with shopping at Lidl than opposed to Harvey Nicks as with no Champions League action to offer next season the chances of attracting the world’s best players has become even more difficult.

This is a club that now has to get used to the somewhat alien concept of playing on Thursday – a little reminder for Arsenal fans is that Thursday seats neatly between Wednesday and Friday among a backdrop of fans fighting, planes flying overhead and Robbie from ArsenalFan TV getting richer with every defeat.

The sense of entitlement from fans of the Gunners is incredible “oh no my team has been in the Champions League for the past 20 seasons and now we have to make do with playing in a secondary competition” Come on Arsenal fans get over yourself.

The 80’s porn-star-pony-tailed midfield dynamo may have branded the club losers but he could have egg on his face if they do go on to somehow win the cup final on Saturday. If they do manage it just think of the dressing room selfies that they will end up taking, there are definitely winners it that department.

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